Mega Fortune Casino Game

This pokie game is well known for holding large jackpots having paid out a massive jackpot in the year 2013. Mega Fortune is what every player would be looking for when they want to make big wins. Mega Fortune pokie has three different wheel spinning jackpots. Players are guaranteed to win big since there are free spins which is what every player is looking for. Unlike other top online casino slots games, Mega Fortune has been developed by Net Entertainment, and it is a 25 line progressive online poker machine game. It is an online casino game that will hint at you on what to expect while playing it as it has a luxurious theme on it.

The minimum online betting for this particular game is 25cents per spin, to get to the jackpot action. Unlike other online games, the bet size in Mega Fortune has no effect whatsoever on the player’s capability to win the jackpot. This shows that, any bet size in the Mega Fortune can or may result to you becoming a multi-millionaire. This fact results to trickling in of new players wanting to try out their luck in the Mega Fortune.

Every player’s intention is to get the Mega jackpot segment. This normally is found in the inner part of the wheel. On the outer wheel however, you will find arrows as well as prizes. If by any chance you land on an arrow, you automatically move to the next wheel. On this next wheel, there are arrows, prizes and a jackpot segment.

The scattered champagne symbols trigger free spins for you. You then choose one symbol and get to know how many free games you get and the kind of multipliers you actually got. No better way to spend your free time than playing Mega Fortune.

The very many advantages of Mega Fortune may include;

  • When you get to play at this online casino website, you are guaranteed to play and win some real money in the process as the site has very fair payout rates to its members.
  • Bonuses are offered to both new and already existing players. With the bonuses, you can extend your bankroll and increase your chances of winning real money in the process.
  • There are also promotional bonuses offered to players. As a way to thank you as a player for choosing Mega Fortune online casino, the site will offer you bonuses on several occasions. To ensure that you do not get passed by this bonuses, make sure that you have subscribed to the news feeds of the site.

With Mega fortune, you will be able to play the game from whatever device you are comfortable with. It is compatible with the mobile phones, tablets and laptops making it very easy to play the game at any time.